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Teal Residential College

Teal Residential College, one of the two communities comprising East Village, is home to over 350 male and female residents whose majors are engineering, computer science, or pre-nursing. The TRC experience develops its residents to be men and women of strong faith and sound reason as they pursue academic goals, build relationships, and strengthen their spiritual walk. Teal Residential College is located near the Student Life Center.

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2023 - 2024 Room Types & Rates

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Room Type Rate Allotment
Apartment Double Gold $4,800 per semester 4%
Apartment Single Gold $6,110 per semester 9%
Double Room Plus $3,940 per semester 31%
Double Room Shared Bath Plus $4,560 per semester 56%
Teal Residential College Program Fee $100 per semester  

Meet Our Team

Jamarcus Ransom
Residence Hall Director - Teal Residential College
B.B.A. Management Information Systems, Baylor University
Jeremy Bugh
Program Director - Teal Residential College
Brian Thomas
Faculty-in-Residence - Teal Residential College
M.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering, University of Houston B.S. Physics, Stephen F. Austin State University
David Kanada
Resident Chaplain - Teal Residential College