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University House

University House, one of three houses in North Village, is home to more than 150 male residents. During the 2024-2025 academic year, University House will be home to male students in the LEAD LLC while Allen Hall undergoes renovations. The LEAD LLC is a multidisciplinary community rooted in leadership development, academic growth, and service to others.

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2024 - 2025 Room Types & Rates

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Room TypeRateAllotment
Apartment Double Gold$4,990 per semester28%
Apartment Single Gold $6,290 per semester 27%
Double Suite Shared Bath$4,790 per semester 27%
Single Suite Shared Bath$5,400 per semester19%
LEAD Program Fee$100 per semester 

Meet Our Team

Courtney DePalma
Honors Residential College Program Director
Brent Phillips
Faculty-in-Residence - University House
Michael Butler
Resident Chaplain - Texana & University House